Malefic Guild COT:Hyjal Combo Pack

Last night we were (again) a few people short of a full 10-man raid. Darn you school and work, how dare you. So, being the ill-tempered warlock, I demanded that we run the BC Hyjal instance. I really, really wanted to pickup the Malefic (Tier6) warlock helm.

After much discussion, we had 8 people convinced to run the raid. (Only 8% away from guild level 25 was a selling factor). By the time we all reached the raid entrance, we had 10, picking up a husband and wife team who just happened to log on to level up. This was a first time for a number of us, so this was a learning adventure.

Items learned:

  • Raiding has changed quite a bit since BC. Hyjal focused on numbers (trash mobs coming in 8-10, boss had 8 million health), less on 'don't stand in the ___' mechanics. 
  • A raid group with, average level 84.5 and iLevel of 360 can get through the entire raid without a healer. OK, yes, after several consecutive trash fights, running around doing hellfire, I was down at 60% health, but that wasn't due to the trash, but hellfire. Just to give the healer something to do, I life tapped down to 40% one time.. :) (Then harvested souls to recoup health).
  • We did have 4 deaths. Falling off a cliff, still does kill. Riding in a 2-man rocket doesn't count as a flying mount in this raid. 
  • It was a given, but pointed out on Vent, there is no Death Knight Tier drops in this raid.

The final boss was dead, 0%, before his first phase transition. Oddly enough, he continued through his ability and fell down promptly when it was over. He dropped 3 tier piece tokens and 2 weapons. I would have loved to grab the apostle of argus, if simply to transmute over another staff, but couldn't see rolling on it as well as the tier piece. 

In all, I picked up the tier gloves and helm, plus a nice set of shoulders that match the tier ones. Chest piece and I'd consider this set done.. :) (ok, maybe a belt that doesn't look so cata). 


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