IT: I miss my non-druid, non-channeled, instant mount

Halloween, er Hallow's End, brings along with it a ton of nifty toys.There's that helm that laughs out loud. There's that pet jack o lantern, that follows you around. There's that flaming flying warlock mount, that should be given to every warlock at level 70. There's all the cool, vomit inducing candy that no longer provides a useful buff (candy that's good for you, bah!) Lastly, there's the non-druid, non-channeled instant mount. It comes in two flavors, magic and flying, both of which are magic and fly. After 2 weeks with this mount, it's loss is measurable.

Gathering - Sure, I can dismount, pick flowers (1s), mount back up (1s). Now using the broom.. dismount, pick (1s), mount again. That's a 100% decrease in time spent per node!! Now, if I really wanted to pick enough plants for say, 10 flasks, that's an approximate (80 twilight jasmine/ average 2.5 per stop) 32 stops. That's a half hour of my life lost, simply because I rolled a warlock and not a druid.

PVP - The enemy has taken off with your flag and has escaped the flag room at 30% health, then turns into druid cat form and runs off top speed (or make it worgen gallop). I channel-summon my mount and now the efc is already a third of the way across the gulch and on his way to victory. If I only had my broom, I could mount up, keep pace until around more hordies. Dismount and heal them, while they take him down.

Dailies - Ugh. I hate doing dailies. There are a number of pets out there, just a few dailies away and I just don't have the time or enthusiasm to get them. Anything to make them 'easier' is appreciated.

Here's to wishing the Magic Broom was a permanent fixture on my mount rotation. If not the holiday themed broom, an instant-cast mount that is available to all. I'd be good with non-raiding achievement based, like the Long Strange Trip. A vendor would be great, as long as it didn't involve the dreaded dailies. (Still over 200 hyjal tokens from finishing the avenger's series.) Or even, making just the Warlock mounts, insta-summonable via the soulburn mechanic, like our minions.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I made use of the insta mount for archaeology grinding and ended up finishing out the achievement [save Professor - 2 rares short of that].

  2. Ugh, Archaeology. To be a mage, with portals everywhere..


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