OOT is Making Progress.

Order of Thought is a 'small' guild. Last check, we have around 150 toons (mains and alts). We're a fairly active guild reaching guild level 12 last week. Most of the people in the guild are friends, and family of those people. (I work with my main raid healer and one of the dps in RL, plus both their spouses play.) This makes for a very mature, understanding group of people. It's not that unusual to hear someone call out "brb, need to tuck in kid."

This last month, we have successfully started pulling together a crew of 10 people to work on the Cataclysm raid content. For 3 hours, twice a week (Wednesday then Monday), we're hitting Baradin Hold whenever we hold it (typically every Wednesday) and then either Magmaw in BCD or Halfus in BoT. Happily this week, Monday we got Halfus down for the first time, but didn't have the raid composition to down Magmaw. Wednesday, we got them both down! Personally, very excited to finally see that worm dead. It has been a test of my patience to get this far. Wiping regularly for 3 weeks, I personally was starting to get depressed. 100g in repairs each week is expensive without the increases to my valor point account.

Wednesday's drops included:




I am really happy that we are finally making progress. Unfortunately, our main healer was not playing on his guild toon, but more powerfully dressed main (can you guess who from the screenie?). I am hoping desperately that this is not the only reason that we've made this progress. We only have 2 dedicated healers and a third, a priest. One out sick, or out of town on business and we're running Heroics and not raids.One slightly slow on the heals and it's a wipe fest.

So, if you're
  • looking for a guild, 
  • play or willing to transfer to horde, 
  • don't use swear words in your every day language (some of us have young kids in the room and in guild chat), 
  • don't mind a playful, friendly atmosphere, 
  • and willing/wanting to raid 2 nights a week starting around 9PM PST to midnight.
Check out the guild blog and fill out an application. Maybe someday, we'll raid together..


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