85 and Closing in on 525

ATM, I am still about 3 bubbles from reaching 85. Hopefully, I'll have some time tonight to get that last dozen quests done. Last night, I ran 2 random dungeons, the cooking daily and 1 random battleground then dinged 85! After dinging 85, I immediately ran over to the JP vendor, picked up the trinket and the head piece with the 3800 points I had left over from Wrath. I also picked up a honored rep ring from the Ramkahen QM. My next acquisitions will likely be tailoring items. I am highly favoring the Flame Ascended Pantaloons and the Batman, er, Dreamless Belt. I have a guildie working on leveling tailoring and all she asks is for the mats (400 embersilk and 60 of each type volatile for both items). Working on the pants first, then worry about the belt later.

I am still working through Uldum at the moment. I figure I'll finish out the zone, so I can get really close to that camel mount. I've had 4 successful runs through Vortex Pinnacle. I'll see about a write-up here later on. Lots of CC (banish/fear) and a few items that I'd like to screen shot.(edit: we'll see now if I get into heroics). In addition, I am loving the Desert Walker Sandals for exalted rep rewards. Currently honored, so hopefully not too much further...

Elk's quick-get wish list items:
 I've got to a point in cooking (level 516) that I don't have any viable recipes to skill up. Everything is gray at the moment, meaning 9 points via cooking dailies, bah! Only then will I be able to grab one of the 'end-game' recipes. I really need to work on fishing dailies though too, looks like the new Fish Feast recipe comes from a guild achievement (10,000 fish caught from pools by guild members).

Got my alchemy up to 507. I absolutely wanted that cool new alchemy trinket, so when I saw someone selling 200 volatile life for ~1000g on the AH, I bought it. Looking at Wow-Professions, the trick to get to 525 is flasks (which you'll only want one of these) then transmutes. BTW, a guildie stated that one of the low level transmutes is going for an easy 300 gold on our server. I don't remember which (Dream Emerald I think)?? Definitely a nice profit margin! As a side note, check out the comments for the Mix Master guild achievement. It appears that currently ilevel 85 flasks (i.e. Wrath flasks) are counting towards this achievement as well.
Just tested this on Flask of Pure Mojo and it counted for the achievement. It did indeed count both flasks made too moving the tracked achievement from 339 to 441. Then I made Flask of Frost Wyrmx4 due to my elixir master proc and it counted for four points. Seems like this is a huge boost to farming the achievement if you kept any wrath materials or just buy them cheep.

Flasks currently working(that shouldn't according to the achievement):
Flask of Endless rage
Flask of Pure Mojo
Flask of Frost Wyrm
Flask of Stoneblood

So here's to a few achievements over the weekend. Hopefully by Monday I'll have 85, Illustrious Cooking and Illustrious Alchemist. (scratches head) Now, how do I get back to Dalaran to get those Kirin'Tor head enchants again?

Cheers to another binary year!!


  1. For cooking, I'm still pretty behind on skilling up -- but wouldn't the Boiled Dragon Feast work (http://www.wowhead.com/item=62799) all the way to 525? I was planning on using those to go from 520 to 525, since those last few points are always frustrating.

    Then again, that depends on your guild having got Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic", which I suppose could be an issue.

  2. :) Yeah, 5000 recipes cooked will take a bit..

  3. BTW, Severed Sagefish Head & the other skill 500 acquireable +90 stat foods apparently go all the way to 525, despite what WoWhead says about them capping out at 520.


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