I declare Patch 3.3 a success!

Last night after a few failed attempts to connect to my default server, I was able to finally logon. Yes, like everyone I had problems with my addons (xperl being the most annoying, which has been updated).

After logging on, I immediately picked up my core hound pup. This absolutely cute little pet, begs, rolls over, dances, plays with a bone and even eats the ground. /hug. I then ran over to see Breanni and picked up the cat and albino snake on sale for 40g each. Fel Fire suggest selling these on the AH for a profit until people start catching on that they are freely available. :) Hmmmm.. Anyway, I am now up to 71 companion pets!

Immediately after that, I ran over to check on the Heroic Daily. I was surprised to see that the Daily was Patchwerk Must Die!. This would have provided 5 Frost and 5 Triumph badges, if I could have found myself a group. :( Hmmm, new LFRaid channel?! Or if I logged on earlier than 10PM local, guildies might have helped.

What I did try out was the random LFG pug tool. Love it! Within 3-5 minutes of enlisting, I was dropped into a Halls of Lightning then Gundrak. Not only that, I found the zones had maps! Really! Top it off, each role is definitively labeled in the new view. I no longer need to ask "who's healing?", it's the person marked with the + next to their picture!

Finally, I took a peek at the Quest Tracking tool. Hard to miss. Open your map, and it shown 4 of the immediate quests I had in my logs in IceCrown. Each marked with a small number and when you highlighted the zone, it would give you a 'search radius'. Nice, but I couldn't find somethings. As part of the Forge of Souls instance, you need to get the intro quest. I picked up this quest in Dalaran (entrance to the alley leading to the Horde Inn). Immediately it was 'Completed' as it's only a go chat with Lady Sylvanas outside the instance. Where is she again? Still don't know, I couldn't find her on the quest tool.

Overall, I am very happy with the changes with 3.3. 3 new pets! Two heroics in one night! A new ring from all those new Triumph badges I got.


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