Elkagorasa the Casual: Considering an change to my alchemy mastery spec.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Considering an change to my alchemy mastery spec.

As of patch 3.3, the Transmute mastery has started looking very tempting. I went with Elixir's master, cuz I wanted to proc on those all so demanding flasks, but since the addition of Flask of the North and high cost of farming/buying Frost Lotus, I have been usually running with it.

With the patch, gems have been selling like hot-cakes again. Everyone is re-gemming their new gear with epic gems (on my server, I am getting 170g for 40g in mats selling Majestic Zircon). Xmute would generate 2 gems for each single set of mats. So, double my profits on each gem!

Also, the xmute mastery has removed the cooldown on transmuting titanium bars. I could quickly purchase a bunch of saronite and have my mechano-hog in no time.

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  1. I changed. Painful incident. The Elixir trainer is in Lower City. The Transmute trainer is way up in Netherstorm. I flew up to Netherstorm first, then realized I couldn't untrain with him. Flew all the way back (taxi = 4:38 each way).

    To date, I've done 3 gem transmutes with 0 procs. 1 each time.


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