Bee Math

So you've finally realized that the Bee Mount is the absolute BEST mount in the entire game. You want one, no, NEED one right now. OK, so what do you need to make this happen.

Step 0: Go to the auction house and buy a few monel-hardened stirrups. Using the stirrups is the best way to harvest jelly. No need to dismount unless you are attacking something. Try not to.

Step 1: Head over to wowhead and read what they said over there. This will give you all the details on how to get started. Turning off ground clutter really does help.

Step 1B: set your hearthstone to the inn in Brannadam. It's a bit of a pain if your dalaran hearth is on cooldown, but nice to not have to fly back to stormsong each time.

Step 2: You've now finished the intro quest chain, and are planning to harvest lots of thin jelly. You need to level your baby bee up 10,000 (3,000 for baby, another 7,000 for mature) health points to 'mature' and each thin jelly feed this little guy 6, SIX. That is, according to my big giant calculator 1,667 jellies. (if you have the gold, jellys do sell on the ah for gold. (about 70g according to Undermine). Also look into Rich (= 4 thin) and Royal Jelly (= 8 thin). They all provide the equivalent rep but sometimes sell for less (than 4 or 8 thin jelly). Gold making idea, buy low "RICH" and sell high THIN. ;-)

Step 2b: oh, you also need to gain rep with this little bee family, but really, I am exalted with these bees and still need 800 more thin jelly. Holidays, dark moon faire all give you bonus rep, but you still only get 6 jellies fed to your baby bee. Get to REVERED ASAP! Buy BEEHOLDER GOGGLES. You will want to save your last 20 rich jelly so you can buy these.

gathermate2 tracking with my suggested search pattern.

Step 2a: Wait, really you don't want to go flying all over stormsong looking for jelly. It's a pain in the behind. Jellies can be found in any of these circumstances:
  1. on the ground
  2. on trees (about 10%)
  3. in combat zones, but less common
  4. on grassy zones, can be hillsides if there's grass nearby, but not on the steeper portions
  5. Not in the water, but can be nearby. UPDATE: I found 2 in the pond near the hive; roughly in the same place in the water. 
horde rogue npc protecting this one.

As you can see from my image, I found most of my jellies so far either around the hive (down to turtle emissary) or near the bees by mildenhall meadery. Get those goggles. Jellies can be multi-looted by several people, but they despawn about 2-seconds after the first person. You be flying along, see a jelly, land to pick it up, then it will despawn with "you can't loot that." error. VERY ANNOYING. If this does happen, you're probably following someone and should go a different route. 

goggles showing 4 jellies with
gathermate addon showing old ones.

Step 3: Kill Honey Smasher daily. Use a bonus rep buff. He's a world boss so find a group to kill him quickly.

Step 4: Join Bee Events. They spawn in about 6 different places on the map. (do you have TomTom addon). Please turn hunter pet's taunt off! I don't want us hunters bashed during these events. (spell book (p) - pet tab - right-click growl to turn off auto-cast by pet).  

Now, the best part of these bee events is that it takes only one impatient person and they're over. Yep, they last about 4 minutes from start to finish. If you have a good crew, you can kill 3-4 mini-bosses. Loot ONLY drops from mini-bosses. You know it's over when either a giant jelly loot box appears and/or the bee flies back and all the mobs turn peaceful and disappear.

Update: Bee events aren't as useful after your exalted with the hive. Sure they give a big handful of jelly, but the quest turn-in doesn't give anything useful for feeding your bee. If you're having decent luck finding jellies, pugging bee events might not be as time beneficial. 5-10 minutes filling a group for <20 jellies vs 5-10 minutes wasted of monel-hardened stirrups.

If you manage to get on a low-pop server, you could find more jellies as they are not all timing out, as they despawn about 1-2 seconds after the first person collects from it. You can pick them up while in a raid group, so just don't drop after killing honey smasher or a bee event! :)

Good luck! 


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