(started this a few weeks ago, but got on back burner
I can't promise it will be a page turner!)

Twas the week before Winter Veil and all through the land, 
LFR RNG gave me nothing useful, just more gold in hand.
For the weekly event I even tried to run some BGs
but was unable to "Stay[ing] Alive" (by the BeeGees)

Twice, I ran along with a normal raid, 
but soon after I joined, no one else had stayed. 
We tried and wiped three times on a single boss,
then called it a night. Such a miserable loss.

Late to the party, so I'd call it a toss.
My priest has completed the next phase of her ring. 
Now she's collecting hundreds of fractured things.
Moving out of Highmaul, makes her heart sing!
One tablet down, still need 600 to bring.

Dressed in heirlooms, he's a fashionable twink.

During the (11th) Anniversary, I started a hunter.
He's a dwarf, and he's quite a punter.
His name is Erlenmyer, themed from Science.
He's my bank toon for when I play Alliance.

Speaking of heirlooms, Elk just had some luck.
After finding the spyglass, I sent out my ducks
on two guaranteed (100%) missions,
and got rings from For Hate's Sake and The Wave Mistress.
(can my hunter equip both?)

Grumpus, gave nothing
but spent 2000g on AH for gronnling.
Still haven't pre-ordered Legion
and Winston hasn't dropped for some reason.


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