WoWToken vs AH

Just a little observation.. When I was really into making gold on the Auction House, I found a little trend. Casual raiders drive the market. People would log on Friday night and drive the sales price of mats, gems and enchants up higher. Something that sold for 100-150g during the week, could jump up to 400g on Saturday night. Sunday the market would be flooded, causing price to drop again. Tuesday night was the only exception. Dedicated raiders coming in after reset would cause a spike.

tokens flood in at night causing price drop until AM.

In my opinion, the best time to sell a token? A few hours before the earliest realms start raiding. People get off work around 5PM, come home, log on, hit AH for some much needed mats, raid then logoff. Since the US-NA market would be East Coast driven primarily (aka GMT -5hrs), that would put ideal market time around 2-3PM. Last week the spike maxed at 5PM Tuesday.


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