Where's the BEAR?

Sunday, I had a few minutes, so I completed a speed run of Zul'Aman. During this speed run, I did successfully get the Bear-ly Made It achievement. Sadly, I didn't realized I needed to loot the bear. I thought (like this commenter) it would come in the mail, or immediately drop into my mounts (like ICC Raider achievement).
The mount is in Kasha's Bag, which drops from Halazzi’s prisoner. The bag is in a corner of the room, and is not immediately obvious. You have to loot the bag. I thought maybe the mount would come in the mail, or become automatically known. Not so. Loot the bag.
Thinking about it now, MAYBE it's in my bags.. Geesh, hate when I think of this at work. On the otherhand, my druid may need to run this dungeon soon..

Soloing this dungeons is effortless at 100. I ran straight to each of the bosses and was able to engage them. Sure I aggro'd mobs along the way, but I could AOE them down. Now, they are all level 85, so those 15 levels meant they didn't instant die from my rain of fire. Actually had to dps them a little.


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