ICC A Solo Run Coming Soon...

As I've stated before, I have guildies who are running legacy content for achievements, titles and mounts. Last August, I helped a guildie get her Sarth+3 drake mount. 2 days ago, she called in guild for a healer! *PLEASE* and I tried to bring in my disc priest. Sadly, she's never ran ICC 25-man, so she couldn't get into the raid for 25-heroic. Doing some research, I found that it's absolutely soloable. Sure Disc has really low DPS, but it is possible to complete. Here's the first few bosses done by a level 90 shadow/disc priest.

This got me thinking... why my priest? That drake boss... Ok, so how do I heal the boss to full health in order to move on. Warlocks have 0 healing abilities, maybe I could pack along a big bag of bandages and 'heal' it up that way..  I could call in a healer, like Taur did.. On the other hand, my druid can heal and dps like a champ. Heck, maybe even heal enough in feral spec!?

While I am at it, why look into the achievements leading to Glory of the Icecrown Raider. Watching Asmon, it looks (for the most part) just to be a DPS race for most bosses. Kill them before they can do ___ ability, and you're good. It's just that gunboat that has me concerned.


  1. You can walk right past dreamwalker. Unless you need the healing achievement that is.

    As for gun ship, it is the easiest fight in there. Do not even pick up a back pack. As soon as the fight starts get in a cannon and start hitting 1. Make sure not to go over 80% or it might over heat, you could go more but this is to play it safe. Keep it high and as soon as the other ship comes in, hit 2, the other ship dies in one shot. Yes, it really is that simple.

    Good luck.

    1. I ran it last night and was absolutely surprised by this. I got to the point of the first boarding party, then the achievement popped.. Dreamwalker on a druid was easy. I had her healed up full health before the first adds reached me.

      Sadly I still have 3 achievements still left. Full House, I accidentally killed one of the adds while trying to kill the boss. Once Bitten takes 2 runs, once kill as vampire, one kill without. I got the one without last night. Been A Long Time I didn't understand the fight and progressed LK before getting the plague floating around the adds. Looks like I can basically sit there and wait for them to stack up the disease.

    2. I find that now in today's gear level full house will be the hardest achievement to get. Bring two people, one a tank with a level 1 white weapon, or even none if need be, and anyone else really. Let the tank do the killing of the adds. That seems the best way. But this achievement is still much harder now than it used to be because it is so easy to accidentally kill something.

      Been a long time should not be too hard, even more so with someone to dispel off you if need be. Just have to wait it out and watch the stacks. But be careful because believe it or not, if you let them tick to long with a lot of stacks it will still one shot you.

      Good luck.


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