Solo Black Temple

Last night I decided that it was time to head back to the Black Temple and finally attempt to pickup Illidan's headpiece. It was extremely easy 30 levels over all the bosses and they only progressed to phase 2 where it was required by the boss.

Since I'd never ran Black Temple at level, I found this quick video by Nobble extremely helpful. He points out an easy order for killing the bosses so that you can get into see Illidan. (counter clock wise). It was more helpful for me to simply find the best path between bosses. As I've stated before, it's SO EASY to get lost in these places!?! :)

It's funny running through this as a raid, after seeing it as the warlock scenario to get green fire. Many of the same bosses are here, except the warlock scenario starts at the front door and Akama takes us straight for the Essence of Anguish.

To get there, I took the portal.. Yep. Back to Panderia, taxi'd to Temple, then portal to Shatratth. I've now set my hearthstone back to the Panderia temple so can have easy access to all the major cities.

Finishing Black Temple also netted my account "Outland Raider" achievements, so woohoo. On top of boss loot, I also picked up tier tokens for chest, legs and shoulders, a bunch of cloth that my warlock can use leveling up tailoring, and a handful of BOE drops that I'll try selling as transmog gear.

Discovery raiment with Curse


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