Alliance Druid: Sigh.... :|

Leveling this time feels to be going really, really slow. Maybe it's just the mid-50s, where there is only 2 dungeon options at level. I've been running Sunken Temple and BRD for the last 4 levels. Looking forward to 57 when my first BC dungeon (HF ramparts) comes into rotation.. My gear is sort of keeping up. I still have two items in the 40s. The satchels of useful goods keep dropping the same items (boots, back, helm, bracers). I've been selling all of them immediately.

Question. Can my Druid wield a dagger off-hand? WowHead seems to think so. If so, CAN'T WAIT to replace my INT off-hand to something useful. UPDATE: No, it's still considered a 'dual wield'.

Loch Modan
Not having a 'boost' to look forward to at 60, I feel like I should go back and level up my skinning. It frustrates me to no end that I can't skin the dragonkins in ST. There are just so many... Maybe time to start following a leveling guide?? So much for leveling to 90 in only 3 days played. Update: Darkmoon Faire has arrived so, I brought my skill level up to 75 so that I can complete the DMF profession quests for leatherworking (shooting gallery attendant) and skinning (first aide attendant). This provided a quick bump of +5 skill on both.

Real life is running the day. The last time I played, I had a full 15 bubbles of rested bonus. This means no leveling was done for at least 3 days. In actuality, I was closer to 5-7 days no play at all. Each time I've tried to to run a dungeon, the baby has waken up. I blame it on bad sleep pattern, but my wife blames it on the volume of the game. Ugh. I hope not. At this time, I haven't been able to successfully complete BRD without her crying. That first boss...

6 1/2 weeks until Warlords. Time-off request for 13th and 14th has been submitted to the boss. Pre-order has been submitted. PTR should be dropping to production any time now. Need to start re-visiting all my add-ons and see what will not be working afterwards.


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