(My thoughts on) Azeroth Choppers - Finale

I've been doing some thinking about the Alliance chopper and why it didn't win. Here are my thoughts.

1. What's to love? From the first time I saw the layered shield effect of the gas tank, I believed it looked buggy. I know I've heard it mentioned on a few other podcasts the exact same thing. "Looks like an ant." Personally, I think it looks like a wasp or mantis. Other people have complained about it having treads front and back instead of tires.
just chop of head, and grab wings
2. Faction size/community. Infographics like this, don't really represent anything useful. On my own account, I have 12 toons; 8 Horde, 3 Alliance and one panda who hasn't gone beyond starting area (aka neutral). My only 3 max level characters are all Horde. I log into each of these 3 at least once a month. Does the 52% equate to only max level characters? All toons ever created (from that overall 100 million accounts)? From my own experience, my very first toon was an alliance Human, but haven't played him since my friends changed servers and factions in 2006. Did he get counted as well (in that 52%)? Saying that there is any sort of faction imbalance is not well supported by the data.

does brightness count differently? or as only 1.
Overall, I think Horde always had an advantage. The trike has a nice look that feels right for the faction, while the alliance bike never set quite right with many players. I believe that the die-hard faction players are just about dead-even, leaving the bi-factional players to vote for the bike they liked.
Like many other I voted for the best looking bike that showed more pride to their respected faction and the Horde was just better. I am a duel faction player so I am usually neutral to both sides.


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