Leveling Tables and Graphs (0-43)

Taking a page from Cynwise, I thought it would be interesting to do some basic analysis of my leveling so far of my Druid alt.


  • I am leveling her using all pieces of heirloom gear available (except for the ring). All +xp, in addition to two trinkets for +health regen.
  • I am leveling as a tank, so it means instant queue times for all random dungeons.
  • I do not play every day, more like every other day, so I have a fair amount of rested bonus to burn between play sessions. 


I found it really interesting that for the most part, I am averaging a level every 30 minutes. Dungeons like Gnomregan, it seemed like 2 levels a run due to the amount of trash, last night it was only 1 level in Uldaman due to the amount of running back and forth to the quest givers.

It appears, based on casual observation, that the average time to finish a level, increases by a few minutes each 5 levels. Most likely due to the amount of XP required to reach the next level, but maybe due to something else (like me trying to queue for BGs later on). 

This week, I've ran one dungeon using the 'whee' buff from the Darkmoon Faire. I'd hope to see a bit of flattening out of the graph for the 43-45 section, but that depends totally on how many times we wipe on Prince Tortheldrin and need to run back. Otherwise, with 17 levels left, I have at least another 500 minutes of game play ahead of me (4 days at 2 hours played each time?). 


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