Blizzard, Let's Look at LFR Self Loot Again, Please!?

Last night my priest (because the LFR had the bonus for healers), she ran LFR Gates of Retribution. She's fairly well geared (i525 average), but there are 2 items that she really, really wants.

More so, she'd like to the tier pants of the Klaxxi in Downfall, but that's not the point. Instead what she got was gear she already has equipped, ie Shock Pulse Robes

What I'd like to do, is not automatically win when I have the same gear already on. I have 2 cricket cages, I now have 2 Shock pulse robes... Sure, Sha Crystals when I disenchant them, but ... I dunno, I'd rather have the gold, or better odds on the gear I want. 

Questions, If I take it did one of the other clothy casters NOT get it? Can I get a sort of DKP where I am more likely to get items that I want and/or need for future runs? Are valor points a sort of DKP for LFR? I'll probably go out and buy the, um, well, I already have one of those.. I'll probably just keep working on the tailoring pants, so that the Tier ones drop the next day.. :D


  1. Individual loot is 100% individual, Blizzard has said on the record that it's possible for 25 people to get gear off a boss in LFR, or zero. There's a roll to determine whether you'll get gear, then there's a roll as to what gear you'll get off the loot table, neither has anything to do with anyone else.

    One thing I've learned over time is that it SUCKS to try and get specific dps gear on a hybrid toon like a priest or druid or shaman... with spirit and hit gear in the mix it's a lot less likely you'll get the actual item you want (read: stupid Immerseus trinket). My rogue often has 2 items on a loot table so it's a lot more likely he'll get what he needs sooner than later.

    As for pants, save your crossed fingers for the tier pants off Celestials... you are running that every week, I trust? :)

    And if it makes you feel any better (it won't), the first 4 items my shammy got off Ordos were all helms... with 6 possible slots dropping, them's poor odds. Since then he's gotten 3 bracers in a row. I had other toons with 4 or 5 different Ordos pieces in the first 2 months. Random is random, unfortunately. :(

    I would like to see them tweak the system for hybrids somehow, though... maybe allow you to exclude items with spirit on them. That would help with the trinket but wouldn't help with a piece with spirit on it, though. Or they could somewhat decrease the odds of winning something you've already won... not to zero, you might want multiple for off-specs, or to replace something you've accidentally DEed (happens!), but just to nudge the odds a bit towards items you haven't won.

    1. Both good to hear that the other clothies aren't losing out on my win. I guess as long as I get the chance to DE those duplicates, it's not a 100% loss for anyone.

      I would like the idea of saying "I pass on this gear, give me another bonus roll ticket, please!" No gold, no gear, just a good luck token.


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