So Long Cynwise, We'll Eagerly Await your Return..

Sadly another Warlock blogger is taking a break from WoW. Cynwise posted on his/her tumblr page the other day that he has put a hold on his subscription for medical reasons.

I’ve cancelled my sub until my hand is better. 
It’s not a permanent thing, but I’m going to take 
some time away from Warcraft and let myself get better.
Cynwise has been the driving force keeping me involved in WoW PVP. Early on, he provided super simple diagrams (and in BG emotes) to help us 'think' about each BG and reminded us that fighting away from the nodes is just dumb.

"Wars are not just won with the flesh and sinew of troops, they are won with the mind, with intelligence and knowledge!" (deployment)

Recently he's been working a deep dive of warlocks, leading into all classes of the game. I'd like to think that this has brought about some dramatic changes by Blizzard to how Warlocks are played. They may not directly attribute the simplification of the talent trees or the diversification of warlock play style to him, but I believe they are listening. (see April Fools 2011).

Here’s the conclusion I was hoping to avoid: people simply don’t like playing warlocks. It’s not that they don’t try them; they do. (Where did all the Warlocks go?)

Finally, he's indirectly involved in getting me off the gaming chair and into the gym. Sure, with two pre-teens in the house, it seems like I hardly ever get to sit down and when I do game, it's late at night (9PM ->??). The point is to make an effort to exercise.

I exercise not to lose weight, but for mood control. I have found that it’s one of the few things that can reliably improve my outlook, settle my nerves, relieve stress, and help keep me positive. (Grinding Calories)

Get well and we'll see you when you get back...


  1. I had put down Cynwise completely for about 3 weeks so I missed this post. Thanks - this really means a lot to me. I didn't realize I'd had such an impact. Thank you.

    The hand is still in pretty rough shape, but it's improved a bit with some major changes to my working environment. I've completely abandoned my Naga and use a trackpad, I abandoned my laptop and use an iPad sparingly outside of work now, etc.. I'm no longer waking up with a few fingers numb which is how I measure progress.

    Hope all is well with you. Thanks again.


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