Elk is on FIRE!

Last night, I decided to swap to my destro spec and try it out again. I played a full gamut,  (i.e. scenario -> dungeon -> LFR - Thunder) and was quite surprised by a few things.

First off, because of soul leech and chaotic energy, I was seldom below 80% health or 50% mana at any time. Sure, I tried soul leech on my demo spec, but I so seldom cast Fel Flame or Soul Fire (once per rotation). During the LFR, I would end most fights with full health and full mana. I hadn't reforged for Destro yet, so maybe my Demo gear was heavy spirit loaded?

Second the rotation was a lot easier. Demo is all about watching the cool downs. Wild Imps is off CD, fire it off. Corruption is about to drop, recast. Destro for the most part, felt like I was spamming Incinerate until I could cast a Chaos Bolt.

It went something like:

  • CoE
  • Immolate
  • Conflag
  • Inc, Inc, Inc
  • Conflag
  • Inc, Inc, Inc
  • Fel Flame (refreshes immolate)
  • DS: Instability (as I should have 4 embers by now)
  • Chaos Bolt, Chaos Bolt, Chaos Bolt

Without respecing into Crit, I was seeing some of these CB hit for 200k+ damage. Very nice. I am curious what I'll see now that I have removed most my mastery and enchanted/reforged for crit.

It's going to take some finger retraining (quit spamming #5 previously shadow bolt, now fel flame), but I am liking destro again. On one boss, I had the #7 damage slot. IMHO, not bad considering I am about a gear tier behind most of the top LFR raiders last night.


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