I guess I can't complain...

I guess I can't complain about loot drops in LFR this week. Last night I hopped into Nightmare of Shek'zeer LFR (nice write-up). Each of the boss fights went pretty straight forward, nothing too surprising. My only problem was on Amber-Shaper where I was transformed during the last 5% of the fight. At that time, the DPS wasn't too interested in getting me out of the amber. So, I started testing out my abilities. I could consume amber and heal, I could do some kind of melee attack, I could attempt to free my self (but really just a self interrupt) and I could attempt to break free if below a certain health.

So, my point. Last night, each of the three LFR bosses dropped a tier token for me.
The legs and chest were both upgrades for me, but according to AMR, the hands were not. So I returned the hands (still have token) in hopes that the upgrade system makes them more viable later on. I at least now have the 2-item set bonus.

Why return the hands for the token? I had read on one of the wowhead comments that I could upgrade the tier token using valor points. That upgraded token, would return upgraded gear, whereas once I turned in the token, the gear did not have upgrade options. Little did I realize, the 'upgrader' npc is simply a hologram in 5.2.


  1. Just a quick rundown of the fight on how it should be done -

    Phase one: only tanks get transformed - dps them down to 20% so they can escape

    Phase two: if you get transformed, use your button one attack to interrupt the big guy and keep yourself from exploding. The countdown for your explosion counts down to the START of the cast for your explosion, so don't hit it too early. Escape as soon as you hit 20%. In the last LFR, I had to eat puddles to restore my willpower because the raid did not get me out for most of the fight. If you lose your willpower, you get mind controlled and will be out for the rest of the fight.

    Phase three: If you get transformed in this phase you will not get out, so attack the boss and eat puddles to keep your willpower. Interrupt your explosion and collect loots!


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