Mogu'shan Vaults LFR - Part 1, Pass 1

Well, ran my first LFR last night, Mogu'shan Vaults (part 1). I was really surprised on how easy it was. I queued up, thinking I'd have 10 minutes to spare and started searching for videos to prep me for the fights and spotted this one by Big Nash. "LFR has become Patchwerk 2.0". 2 minutes into the video and I am convinced that there's nothing to worry about and, really, there wasn't.

I dropped in right after they finished the first boss. Running along, I catch up as they are running up to the second boss. AOE trash, fight boss. Playing a warlock, I just stood back in the rafters and maintained my DOTs and shot off Shadow Bolts. If I felt ambitious, I ran to a nullification field (looks like blue Disc Priest barrier) that the tank dropped as part of fight the mechanic.

Last boss, of the raid is a troll fight. Interesting mechanic involved  troll totems that popped up around the boss. They look just like the troll mask pets that you can get from the old Argent Tourney zone in Wrath. I kept waiting for it to attack me, but didn't. Watching the Bryna and Evali (embedded above) video, I realized I missed an entire mechanic by never clicking on them. No shadow realm monsters to fight. Guess I missed out on some nice DPS boost.

In iLevel 462 gear, I never died, but didn't see any drops of worthwhile beyond a quest item for the Wrathion legendary quest chain.. So, how do I get into the next one?


  1. Af far as how the LFR fights go, there are some pretty good, concise tips on wowhead -
    for example. You won't be able to queue for the second half of the raid until you have beaten all three of the bosses. There is no lockout, so you can requeue for the raid immediately. Because you have already beaten the last two bosses, the queue system should prioritize your next LFR run to start at the first boss.


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