I am not worthy!

Checking MMO Champion, I see that the EU servers have opened up the Theramore's Fall challenge. On the site (at least earlier today) you could watch a live stream as a horde druid did pickup groups and ran it over and over again.  Unfortunately, this hasn't reached the US shores yet. Taking a quick jaunt home, (on non-wow business), I thought I'd login and check.

The site mentions a required gear level of 353. I don't think that's my issue though. Ah well, back to work. Try again tonight.

OK, now I understand. GhostCrawler said it wasn't the opener to the expansion. It's a preview of a basic encounter, the scenario, as compared to a challenge, dungeon or raid.

What's your take on the Theramore event?
We did not do a great job on messaging. Players expected an event -- but what we were really doing is giving players a preview of scenarios, there are a ton of scenarios coming inMists of Pandaria. It's saying "this is what scenarios are like", they're a new feature, a way to do content quickly, in a your lunch break, to get some more valor or gear.
I think players who understand that it's a scenario preview are enjoying Theramore, while those expecting a world event aren't. Players expecting a huge challenge aren't going to find it in scenarios, challenge modes are more for those players.


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