Elkagorasa the Casual: Count down to Pandas..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Count down to Pandas..

Just a little over a month remains until the Mists of Pandera expansion is released and it's time to start getting ready.

Step 1: Remove/Uninstall outdated add-ons. I just went through my Curse client and uninstalled every addon from my interface that hasn't been updated in over a year. Friends with Benefits, Gone. TBag, Gone. I easily did this by adding the "Latest Date" column to the interface, sorted by this column then just scanned down for older items. I left a few addons that I am fairly sure will be updated, like Addon Control Panel.

Curse has a nice section of add ons that work with the Panda beta. Take a look. Maybe it's time to start replacing those really old middle-ground addons with something new??

Step 2: Empty mailbox.  Blizzard hasn't handled mailbox items well several times. Making sure that the mailbox is empty before each patch isn't a bad idea. Right before my last logon, I had put bids on a bunch of disenchant prospects. My plan is to stock up on a bunch of entry level enchanting mats and hopefully sell enchants to monks. Since they'll probably level out to close to 15 before leaving the starting areas, I can start there... :) They're all in my bags now, disenchanted and ready to go. I'll pick up the vellums on day 1 of the expansion.

Step 3: Make sure the downloader is downloading bits. Nope, it's not running, I just rebooted. Last I looked, I had 15gb of 21gb of 4.3.4. Worst off, an estimated 100 hours to download that 5gb of data. At this rate, if it drops Tuesday, I won't be ready..

Step 4: Watch for the next patch. This next patch will include all of the pre-events for MOP. I remember all the fun of getting Pre-Wraith, and some from Pre-Cata. Wonder what we can expect this time around.

Step 5: Update drivers on PC. I just rebuilt my PC with Windows 8 "release preview", so my drivers are fairly new. I haven't tried the beta with this release, but WoW is working currently. I am hoping that MoP doesn't have issues with my older video card, I sort of remember issues with it not supporting the latest release of DirectX... Oh well, we'll see.

Pandas are on the horizon.

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  1. Woot! We're so close! You know Elk, you're making me feel lazy because I'm not even close to being organized for the patch or the expansion...gah! I'll get there soon I hope. Thanks for the tip on the date listing too... I'll have to use that as well and didn't know you could do it.


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