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Friday, February 10, 2012

Shared Topic: Stacking +Int

OK, so this orc went into the dental office the other day for his cleaning. It is nice to finally get that fish feast taste out of my mouth from Northren. Yuck! After the goblin hygienist finished grinding off 2 years of plaque and buildup, threatened punishment if I didn't floss more, I realized that this little goblin, probably stacks a lot of strength and agility on her gloves to deal with DPSing down my tooth bugs.

 In my job, I DPS down computer bugs. They are nefarious beasts to kill sometimes, they have a ton of evasive abilities, and even cause fear when attacking executive management. If I was given the opportunity, I'd love to apply these enchants to make my DPS higher.
  • head = +Int so that I can think a little clearer without the need of massive amounts of espresso.  
  • gloves = +agility so that I can type with less errors. 
  • shoulders = +haste to get the work done faster. More free time for personal hobbies.
  • chest = +resilience so that I can deal with the office politics.
Given the opportunity, what enchants would make your real-world raid role easier? I'd like to hear what your leader (aka supervisor) says about your new recount stats after applying those enchants. 

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  1. You also need to be able to control other important things in life too (not just stats):
    #1. Wife Aggro
    #2. Kids Aggro



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