Elkagorasa the Casual: Raid Finder Attempt 3 - Success!?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Raid Finder Attempt 3 - Success!?

Friday night, I tried the raid finder one more time. Happily, I popped right into a raid, no bugs ('cept for I fell to my death ) and they weren't finishing the last boss fight. I found them busy clearing the trash mobs before the slime boss.

Slime boss is basically a game of follow-the-leader. Attack boss, kill slime add (usually first on DBM list), follow prompts from DBM, repeat. Token for tier shoulders drops, I lost.  Last boss, Hagara, kill everything, don't stand in frost, run from the bad looking things, kill the pilars, kill adds near little towers that popup, zap all of them with lightning (exactly opposite of what the boss yells at you "you can never charge all my towers!! buwahaha"). Token for pants drop, I lost again. OK, I wasn't expecting much, but the frustrating part, even though I lost both rolls, I can't roll again on these bosses again this week.

I'll try again tonight and hopefully get to see the first three bosses.

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