Guild Challenge: Dungeon + Brewfest = Free Guild XP

My guild has a really hard time completing the guild dungeon challenges each week. Typically we only get 1 or 2 of the seven completed. In fact, it took until last night for us to get the Challenging achievement for 50 guild challenges completed. (Not bad, considering we're already level 23, that's a lot of questing).

Thanks to Coren and Brewfest, we completed 7 guild dungeon runs last night in less than 1 hour (guild tank, heals and 1 DPS). So, if your guild is like mine, at least try to max out your potential with this event. Brewfest ends October 5th. You can potentially do this 3 more times (now until Monday night, next week & night of Tuesday 4th). That's 300k guild XP * 21 dungeons. To get to level 24, we need a total around ~53 million XP. That's basically a free 6 million guild XP while you grind for trinkets (and the occasional mount).


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