Elkagorasa Jenkins

After the raid last night, I decided to fly around the mountain and finally finish off the Leeeeroy achievement. This video was very helpful, since I've never ran this content before. Only difference  from this video, was now you can fly inside of the mountain, so I just flew up to the balcony for the entrance.

After completeing the achievement for the title, I went through and killed the final boss to get the UBRS achievement. Just need LBRS, to complete the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. Tried to run COT:Hyjal also, but needed a raid group and I had dropped.


  1. Gz on the acheives. Been rounding up a few myself, but found hyjal quite tough. I run as a hunter for solo work and can clear the 1st boss in Hyjal, but after a few wipes declared the 2nd not doable for me. The adds were just too much.

    GL with the solo projects.


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