Shared Topic: If you became a NPC...

This isn't an official Shared Topic, but a question posted to the Blizzard Forums. I thought it would be fun to answer in the form of a song! haiku blog post.
What if one day, your character magically became an NPC?
What do you think he/she'd do? Would you be a quest giver? Would you make armor for the army? Would you be like Topper McNab, begging on the streets of Stormwind? 
I think if I became an NPC, I'd be a flight master :p (source)
When my friends first described the game of Warcraft to me, they talked about the ability to create things and then sell them to other players. As I mentioned before, this functionality intrigued me. I was coming from a FPS background, so having a player 'craft' something seemed surprising, and unusual. In that frame of thought, all players could act like NPCs; buying and selling items to anyone else in the game. This is the type of NPC I'd like to become, an eccentric vendor.

My NPC would be a little different. First off, I think I would want to roam around. One day, I'd be sitting in Orgrimmar, next time I'd be traveling to Thunder Bluff, possibly setting up a small table in the middle of Crossroads. I'd have a 'flight path' so you could hunt me down.

I'd love to sell pets. I want to be like Xan'tish the troll snake vendor and have little critters following me around. Maybe if you found me, you could pickup all the Horde vendor available pets. Ok, nah, that would be too easy. How about only those from Outlands?

I'd like to participate in the holidays. OK, sure they'd be limited supply items, but they're all non-buff items. Maybe a series of Woot inspired T-shirts (since that's my casual gaming shirt of choice). "I <3 Thrall anyone? Only available during Valentines!"

Finally, I would like a witty dialogue. I think it would be fun to act as a side-show barker and call out to players that run by.
"Hey (class), have you considered upgrading your gear? My I <3 Thrall undershirt is guaranteed to boost your DPS ... by 2 points ... during "Love is in the Air" ... while under the ..!"
It would be fun. If only I could, and then reap the gold that such a vendor would possibly make.


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