The Quest for Mr Grubbs

Saturday night, after picking up Wither's, I started the quest chain to pickup Mr Grubbs. This non-combat pet is maggot grub dropping from mobs in Eastern Plaguelands while under Fiona's Luck Charm buff. I started this adventure around 10PM and found Mr Grubbs around 2AM. Considering, I've heard of drop rates ranging from 5 minutes, to 5 days, 4 hours isn't that bad.

Based on the comments for Mr. Grubbs, I learned that the more quests you do, the 'luckier' you are. This meant to me, the drop is basically a reward for doing the quest chains in EPL. At level 85, the slowest portion of this running between the dead bodies and looting. (again, where's my loot monkey?).

Fly to Lights Hope Chapel and pick up the breadcrumb quest from Lord Maxwell. He has you fly all the way back out to the Bullwark and find the worgen Gypsy Fiona. She is the leader of  a traveling caravan. As you complete the quests in each area, you board her caravan and ride to the next quest hub; the various towers in EPL. (There's a nice running dialog between all your traveling companions while you ride. ) At each location, you'll need to complete about 10-12 level 40-ish quests before you move on. (all just target and fel flame to kill even the mini-bosses in the area) When you take a quest from a riding companion, they often will appear in that area and help you. Sometimes you'll pickup an additional person or two. (Note: There's an achievement for picking up all 8 riders.)

Working through all the quests in the zone, it took me 4 hours and 4 riders to get the drop. I was in the middle of collecting 30 eyes in Zul'Mashar (at least it was 2 per kill!) when the pet dropped. After the drop, I found looting the bodies pointless, so it moved quite a bit faster to finish the area. I still haven't finished the quests in EPL, but I did finally get the Argent Dawn Silver Hand recovery quest for Stratholme (mentioned in Loot Monkey article above).

I missed this back in December on Wowhead, but there's a nice writeup on the 6 pets that Blizzard put out with patch 4.03. Next, I want to start working on a tiny flamefly.


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