Loot Monkey

Last night, on a whim, I ran over to Eastern Plague Lands and tried running through Stratholme. Two purposes, play around with my Felguard and Demo spells, second get my Argent Dawn rep, so following a half-remembered forum post, I went in and started killing.

0 rep earned

2 hours later, bags laden with a dozen or so, soulbound level 50 epics!, I never found the book I was looking for. Half expecting to find a glowy, twinkly book sitting on the ground by the second-to-last boss. All in all, I never got a point of rep. A few things I forgot:

  1. There are prequests. The quests are well detailed in this comment. I plan to try again later this week. Doing these quests would have gotten me to Revered. Since, I am already there, so I was hoping to skip them.
  2. My Argent Dawn commission. It was in my bank. Oddly, looking at the commission entry on Wowhead, this has been removed from the game.  Supposedly if you had done the prequests, you should be able to pick up a replacement. If you're new to the zone, you may never see this trinket.
  3. Next time, I'll empty my bags. Each boss dropped 2-3 blue items. 13 possible bosses. On top, there are a number of pickup items (got a journeyman backpack and a BOE pattern) plus quest pickups, cloth and random trash.  I ended up not picking up everything, and had to do a ton of bag management to finish. No, I couldn't mount my wooly mammoth to repair or sell.

The dungeon is very easy at level 85. I ran around with my AOE spamming, killing everything. I had to do this to avoid having Thasak killing everything before me. I changed my style, because I think he may have actually killed one of the quest targets. Now, if I could only get a loot monkey. Hmm...

Blizzard! I need a pet monkey to loot corpses for me!!

Toss me that loot, monkey!


  1. I got my full Argent Dawn rep a long time ago on my hunter and paladin (won't bother with the others) but this dungeon is easy even at 60 now that they've lowered its level.

  2. As a 80-clothy, it was a bit of a crowd control issue. If I accidentally pulled two groups, I could easily be overwhelmed on that dungeon. Even with my blueberry, he'd only hold aggro for a short time. Now, maybe that was because I was in low-level blues at the time, but...


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