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The Armory was the topic two Blue posts on Friday. First off, it appears that we now have a wowhead or WarcraftPets type view into our pets and mounts.
Still pursuing a particular pet? Mad for a magnificent mount? Just mouse over the object of your desire in the Companions & Mounts page and you’ll see information that should help make your next hunt a success. You can filter the results to make it easier to find pets and mounts from a particular source, or sort them by rarity to help you plan future collecting expeditions. (source)
One thing I really like about this feature is the advanced search functionality. I set my query to show all pets still available via quests. This brought up 2 pets that I had not known about; Withers and a raptor pet. For the Alliance, Withers is a quest reward in Darkshore. For the Horde, just go buy it for 30 silver from Apothecary Furrows. The raptor is from a short quest chain that starts in Stranglethorn, but ends in heroic ZG. This comment on Wowhead details the Horde's process (and later the Alliance).

Unfortunately the filters are not class specific. When I go and search for items still available from Vendors, I see a number of the Alliance Argent Tourney rewards. I guess technically, I could buy these, but it would not be for 50 tourney certs, but 5000 gold on the AH.

Reminder to self, go finish the pet quests that go into Blackrock Spire. I still don't have those pets.

The second blue post is about the title mixup. As of Friday, characters are showing up on the armory with various titles that may or may not exist. For example, my Alchemist/Herbalist has a GM Miner title. A guild mate is showing up with "Of the Ebon Blade" which was a Wrath Beta-Only "realm-first level 80 DK" title.
Even more interesting when your character has a title for a capital city from the opposing faction, like mine does!
Anyhow, we're aware of this little glitch and we'll look into it.
Looking at the forums, people are finding that the titles reliably wrong.
I logged in.. and out quite abit and tested all of my titles, this is the outcome:
My title => Armory title
Bane of the Fallen King = Obsidian Slayer
Blackwing's Bane = None
Brewmaster = Doctor
Champion of the Frozen Wastes = None
Conqueror of Ulduar = of the Alliance
Defender of the Shattered World = None
Dragonslayer = None
Flamewarden = Rival
Jenkins = of Quel'Thalas
Patron = Grand Master Jewelcrafter
Starcaller = Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Twilight Vanquisher = Prophet
of the Ashen Verdict = the Immortal
of the Four Winds = of Sen'jin
of the Nightfall = Grand Master Miner
the Argent Champion = Grand Master Enchanter
the Astral Walker = Ambassador
the Explorer = Conqueror
the Kingslayer = of the Nightfall
the Light of Dawn = Patron
the Patient = Matron
the Exalted = Scarab Lord
Flame Warden = Rival
the Noble = Conqueror of Naxxramas
of Gnomeregan = The Seeker
This would be wonderful if the titles actually granted the status or achievement that created it. For example, if my orc really did pickup the "of Stormwind" title and could go purchase those Argent Tourney pets. In actuality, it is probably a simple fix. My guess is that the table that keeps track of titles is corrupted. Now the game title index no longer matches the website title index. (sorry for geek speak). This will probably be fixed on the website before this posts lands.


  1. To pickup Withers, I ported to Hyjal, then just flew straight across to Darkshore. I landed immediately at the swirly water pictured in the sink hole. The flight to the cave is actually VERY short.


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