"Ask a Dev (#10): DPS Edition" is open for questions...

If you haven't seen it, take a look over a the DPS edition of Ask a Dev. Here are questions that are coming up on the forums. If  you have questions, that you would like the Blizzard devs to answer, now is the time to submit. Here's the warlock related items, in no apparent order ('cept how I found them).

  1. 2 questions about new skin for our pets. Really?? (#8 and #47)
  2. Thoughts about Warlock dots? (#101)
  3. "only one warlock PVP build?" (#10 & #77) How about an entire PVP tree (Rift anyone?)?
  4. single target dps for demo locks?(#24 & #71)
  5. complex warlock rotation at low levels for minimal dps gain (as compared to dps gains at higher levels). (#35)
  6. using felhunter as a demo lock?  ( #47)
  7. soulburn revamp? Only 2, maybe 3 good uses. Any chances to add new functionality? (I like soulburn + soul stone for instant battle-rez!?) (#39 & 71)
  8. Revamp of warlock talent trees, demo = buffbot, destro straddled with ISF (#118)
  9. Soul swap explained.. (#82)
  10. Possible role change (healing, tank) for dps-only classes? "buff for these dps only classes" (#83 & #97) Hybrid tax (#41)
  11. Chance to reduce the RNG factor of some DPS classes? (#90)
  12. Linking dps with other classes. Warrior refreshes warlock dots? Mage and hunter both multi-shot, why not proc each other's spells? (#69)
  13. Ranged = good pve, bad PVP; melee = good pvp, bad pve. Any changes? (#49)
  14. So few caster +hit items, that we have to 'sell our soul' to get hit capped! (#60)


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