Idle Thoughts: Guild Build

I have an idea. I think it's a good idea. I know, it's a long shot, but that's why I created this Idle Thoughts category. So, I was reading in the upcoming PTR notes about the changes coming to the Guild tab:

Guild Interface

  • A View All button has been added to the profession display regardless of whether Show Offline Members is checked.
  • Online members can now be sorted to the top of the View Crafters list.
  • The guild reputation cap is now displayed in the tooltip.
So, I can see all the various recipes that my guild can make, now I want a disenchant button. You know that function you get while in a group, to disenchant items when you have an enchanter on hand.

See, I have a tailor in my guild who has a recipe for those cool, i346 pants. I have all the mats, but this guildie is in a different time zone, so she's never on, at least not when I am. I could mail her the mats, hope she makes the right ones, and wait until tomorrow. But I got a disenchant button, so.. I pull up the recipe in the guild interface, and since no cool down impact, no problem. Select the pants recipe, put in 2g for a tip and click "Make my pants!". Now scroll over to the guild enchanter, select some affordable spell thread, go.

Happy Palindrome Day  "11011".
(at least here in the States, where the date is mm dd yy).


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