Thursday, November 18, 2010

To Download or Not?

Despite being in the Beta, I am planning on taking a day or two off next month. With that commitment of time off around the 7th, I don't want to be caught without a game to play. Over the last week, I have been torn, Amazon with "Release Day Delivery" or Blizzard with their streaming download. Luckily for me, my pre-order from Amazon of a recent BluRay movie arrived a day after release. This helped settle my decision; I canceled my pre-order with Amazon and ordered the download from Blizzard.

Since their download model is a P2P, the more who do purchase it this way, the faster the updates. I have a feeling that Blizzard isn't going to necessarily leave us hanging, and will have the game slipstreamed onto our machines between now and then. The physical media, which is probably being printed now, will not. All users who upgrade via the DVD, will probably have another 700mb to download on C-day.

What's your plan?



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