You're all in the Beta now!!

With 4.01 actively being deployed to my pc at this moment, I thought I'd like to point out, you are all beta users. OK, sure, it's been tested in the PTR, but there go your addons (or here) Time to start re-testing. Oh, and that spell rotation, forgetaboutit. Warlocks, do we even get soulburn? Guess have to check the trainers..

To reinforce this point, Blizzard has published the beta test realm patch notes as part of the loader we are all getting..  Not even the most recent patch notes (see patch version at top of page).


  1. The patch notes for a big version release like this are always the ones from the PTR. Go back and check with Wrath and BC release.

    One thing that seems odd is in comparison, this new system is much larger IE bigger sweeping changes, than the others did, yet the patch notes are much much smaller. :P

  2. Actually we EU players still have to wait till tomorrow :(

  3. @manorton, that would make sense. Just thought they could have edited the source file to remove "beta".

    @Zinn, don't fret, it may actually be tomorrow when they finish pushing this patch to us. Last read it will be 2PM PDT before they're done, but there are 30 more minutes until then... Don't think we'll get much done today anyway...

  4. It somehow doesn't make a lot of sense to me to use patch notes that start out with the first bullet point referring to being able to play two races that do not, in fact, exist in game yet.

  5. Someone made a stink. The loader shows the notes this morning when I finally got he patch installed.. :)


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