Wrath Honor points -> Cataclysm Honor points

For a comparison last night, I ran into the Horde Hall of Legends and checked in with the PVP Armor vendor, Blood Guard Zar'shi. I was curious what the currency conversion is going to mean for PVP upgrades. Here's what I found:

CataElk decked out in Bloodthirsty Gladiator Gear.
  1. It appears that Bloodthirsty Gladiator is going to be the next entry level PVP gear. I am equating it to the Furious Gladiator set that you can get with Honor points, or Triumph badges. For example, Helm = 54,500 honor or 75 Triumph.
  2. For doing the random battleground (at max level), you get 90 Honor Points + 25 Justice (fka arena) points if you win. (less for 2nd, 3rd, etc. bgs).
  3. You randomly get honor points throughout the fight. Appeared to be with each HK. I ran a pre-built priest (see HolyCowCow) last night (Warsong Gulch) and netted 155 honor points for the one instance.(i.e. 65 honor from fighting)
  4. If my Math is correct, that means you'll need to win approximately 15 battlegrounds (if only run one a day) for each upgrade. 
While in Wrath, you could get between 6,000 to 10,000 honor per battleground (or roughly 15 - 20% of total cost), it will be slower to pickup new gear in Cataclysm. On the other hand, I can live with a 7% rate of picking up new gear. The upgrade from nothing to top (non-arena rated) gear took only 4 months of irregular (aka casual) PVP sessions. With new battlegrounds and a new top-level area, we're going to have a bunch of options to explore.

It's going to be fun!!

(Speaking of PVP, did you see this great gear from Cynwise?)


    1. Sadly, my gear lacks resilience. :-(

      (Glad you liked it!)

    2. IIRC, in Cataclysm, it won't matter.

    3. Can you please post up how much honor points these items would cost? I have been looking for this since the conversion announcement.

    4. @Anon, if you peek closely at the PVP vendor's items, you can see the current Honor prices. Pants, chest and head = 2200 honor
      bracers = 1250
      shoulders and boots = 1650

      Note these are Beta prices and may change dramatically when 4 drops.


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