I Can SOLO That!

After our guild (achievement) run of ZG last night, it got me wondering about other Pre-Wrath dungeons and Raids. A year ago, Elk solo'd Hellfire Ramparts, but I haven't tried anything since then. In the last year, Elk went from i200 gear to mostly i251, learned more about stacking hit, enchanting correctly and some PVP experience.

I'd love to finish off more of these other dungeons to get the Classic Raider and BC Raider achievements. My first problem is getting lost in these dungeons.

What have you successfully soloed? What armor class? How many times did you die doing so?

Here's the entire list, if you need some reminders...



  1. I can solo all classic dungeons and all BC dungeons except for Magister's Terrace as a feral druid (I can't put out the dps required to kill KT). I don't think I've ever managed to solo a raid - a few bosses in the 20-mans, but never the whole thing.

  2. I haven't tried to solo anything in a while, but the last thing I did was MgT normal at 80. I was in a mixture of lowish level purples and at times switched to a PvP set of ilevel200 purples and blues.

    It was great fun and surprisingly difficult. It made me appreciate afresh the toolkit a fury warrior has for survival. Can't remember how many times I died but I remember Delrissa was the biggest challenge, followed by KT and some of the packs of trash.

  3. The only Major Snaggs I've ever run into on my Paladin was the Romeo & Juliet fight where I dont have enough stuns to stop her from healing herself back up to full & the 5-man Heroic Magister's Terrace Fight. I just needed more DPS than I could muster as a tank.

    You could solo Black Temple on your warlock? If that's the case, I must prove myself worthy!

    If paladins are a one man army, then wtf is a warlock? A one man atom bomb?

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  4. Oh, Elk hasn't tried soloing any raids yet, but if I do over this weekend, I'll let you know.

  5. I do find it interesting that all of us hit the Magister's Terrace wall. Even though I can solo all of the rest of the Heroic versions, that one just irritates me to no end.

    I'm extremely interested in what the hardest thing a warlock can solo & compare that to other classes. I'm pretty sure my Pvp Priest couldnt do have of what my Paladin could but who knows.

    Well then, I must see what I'm capible of then :)

    Do tell Elk... do tell :)

  6. According to Wowhead, they place it a level 68-75 dungeon. Only 5 levels (like that we're getting in Cataclysm) doesn't seem that far from current level. Especially when you consider they are designed for 5 people.

    I don't have a lot of hope, considering druids and pally's both have a nice healie mechanism. Locks, we're cutters. Taking our own life for the pursuit of more magic. Now I bet my affliction build will probably get me further.

    Afflock + PVP gear FTW?!


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