Elkagorasa the Casual: Solo'd Hellfire Ramparts

Monday, June 8, 2009

Solo'd Hellfire Ramparts

Last night while helping some guildies level their alts in Outlands - Hellfire Peninsula, I found that I had some unfinished instances and related quests. Namely, Hellfire Ramparts. I read somewhere that it is rather easy for a level 80 Warlock to solo Ramparts, but last time I tried I failed miserably.

Now, with a new Destruction build, and a few equipment upgrades the Ramparts were manageable. With voidy tanking, I could easily handle the groups of three warriors. The bosses all dropped rather quickly, in fact the second boss (Nazan and Vazruden) never moved to phase 2. In fact, I only died once, and that was right at the entrance when I aggro'd 2 parties of three mobs and a patrol.

After completing Ramparts, another guildie wanted to run Shattered Halls. This level 70 instance was a bit harder. I died three times in this instance, twice due to bad pulls on my part. "Hey! voidy did well in Ramparts, he can manage 5 mobs... oh my, I just aggro'd all of them." It took about 90 minutes, but we were able to clear the last boss, who I also aggro'd and wiped due to failing to use my health options (Endless Healing Potion and/or Lifeblood).

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