Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can it be done? PowerAura for CoE/Ebon Plaguebringer/Earth and Moon

I believe it can. I want to create a PowerAura that will track if the one of the following buffs is applied to my target.

  1. unholy death knight = Ebon Plaguebringer
  2. Boomkin = Earth and Moon
  3. Lock = Curse of Elements

No chance to try my idea out last night as my Internets died yesterday.


  1. I believe it's possible if you look up the spell ID number. Through Droodfocus I can track mangle (cat) mangle (bear) and trauma (warrior).

    Try these general guides:'s-power-auras-guide/

  2. It's possible w/o spell id. I have it.. will blog it tonight.

    It's setup so that if none of the 3 are present on the mob, then it says "-13% buff" in really big letters in the middle of the screen (so I know to change to CotEl).

  3. Thanks Nibs, I knew you'd have something like that.

  4. ---
    Version:st3.0.0E; gcd:bofalse; b:nu0.062745098039216; anim1:nu1; g:nu0.03921568627451; optunitn:bofalse; ignoremaj:botrue; stacksLower:nu0; target:botrue; icon:stInterface\Icons\Ability_Druid_EarthandSky; size:nu1.7999999523163; torsion:nu1; r:nu1; y:nu116; x:nu-8; customname:st; groupany:bofalse; isAlive:botrue; timerduration:nu0; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; bufftype:nu2; stacks:nu0; focus:bofalse; raid:bofalse; texture:nu1; alpha:nu0.75; aurastext:st-13% debuff; symetrie:nu0; owntex:bofalse; isResting:bofalse; duration:nu0; mine:bofalse; multiids:st; inVehicle:bofalse; speed:nu1; anim2:nu0; buffname:stcurse of the elements/ebon plague/earth and moon; stacksOperator:st=; realaura:nu1; spec2:botrue; threshold:nu50; exact:bofalse; InactiveDueToState:botrue; textaura:botrue; sound:nu0; wowtex:bofalse; groupOrSelf:bofalse; customsound:st; combat:botrue; id:nu25; inParty:nu0; HideRequest:bofalse; Active:botrue; aurastextfont:nu4; inRaid:nu0; tooltipCheck:st; customtex:bofalse; stance:nu10; isSecondary:bofalse; thresholdinvert:bofalse; spec1:botrue; Debug:bofalse; beginSpin:bofalse; Showing:botrue; UseOldAnimations:bofalse; begin:nu0; off:bofalse; party:bofalse; texmode:nu1; inverse:botrue; ismounted:bofalse; targetfriend:bofalse; randomcolor:bofalse; finish:nu1
    be sure to remove any line breaks.

  5. Thanks!

    Now, I was in a 10-man ICC over the weekend with a boomkin. I believe Earth and Moon is symbolized by a eclipsing moon over the boomchicken's head. I saw this happen, but usually at the end of a fight.. Was that the debuff, or something else? Why would he cast it last?


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