Time to finish Classic Dungeonmaster

I just read on Wow - The Queue:

"Can Horde queue up for Stockades and Deadmines, and can Alliance queue up for Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns?"

Assuming you're in the appropriate level range, yes! There's no threat of a bunch of Horde zoning out of the Stockades in the middle of Stormwind because the tool drops you back where you queued, not outside of the instance. It's a good opportunity to see content that normally would have been incredibly difficult to access.

EXCITING! I have 3 dungeons left to run for the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. Now what does appropriate level mean? I know I can't use the summoning stone for Scarlet Monastery. Does that mean I'll need to run to Gnomeregan? Does that mean I'll need to wait for 5 lvl-80's, or will it group me with some level appropriate toons?

Sadly, when I checked and I select specific dungeons, I see no dungeons outside Northrend. Guess I'll need to start walking..


  1. I'm pretty confident that Horde can queue for any dungeon, even those in Alliance zones, when they hit the right level.

    I was able to choose and run Scarlet Monastery as Alliance, so I can only imagine the same holds true in reverse for Gnomeregan.

    And I think the dungeon finder, which is quite forgiving, sets the level for that dungeon as lvl 28-39 or so.

    Once you move past that level bracket you won't be able to queue the dungeon using the Dungeon Finder.

    Usually I would recommend running there, but as Horde you can pick up a quest in Ogrimmar which sends you to Booty Bay to step into a teleporter which lands you right inside Gnomeregan!

  2. The quest chain starts from Sovik in Ogrimmar:

    who should give you:

  3. Unfortunately, since I didn't do this quest at the correct level, it's bugged and you have to run to Gnomeregan. (see this comment)


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