Sartharion Surprise

After a leisure night of putting the kids in bed, tucking in my wife, I logged on to Warcraft. Bank toon, cleared her mail, picked up another 500g (thank you very much) and then swapped over to my main. Upon logging on to Elk, he was both told to sign up for Saturday's raid on the Guild calendar, but also received an immediate invite to a raid.

The raid was for 10-man Sartharion, which happened to be the weekly raid. I accept the inv, jump on my drake, then receive a summons before I get off the platform. By the time I get into the raid, they are already working on killing the first trash. Soon after, we've skirted the 3 drakes and cleared all the trash.

On to the boss. First pull on Sarth, 3/4 of the raid (including myself) died when the first drake engaged. Some large POP that spike damaged everyone. Wipe and reset. This time Sarth went down like clockwork. Watching the boom-chicken standing next to me, I avoided the lava waves and never got hit. Sarth went down and we cleaned up the first drake that descended. No deaths.

Ding! 4 achievements went flipping by.
1 drake
2 drake
3 drake
Gonna go when the volcano blows.

On to the loot. This run, I was surprised had 6 items drop. Only things that caught my eye were:

I lost on all rolls that I tried. The drake would have been nice, one step closer to the 100 needed for Mountain o' Mounts (53/100). 2 additional bag slots, meh. Getting the new title, priceless.


  1. Now get your guild to do OS 25 +3D. Takes coordination, but very doable with today's gear. Even better title and mount come with that one.



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