Warlock DPS Comparison -or Why is he doing better than me?

The other night I was running a chain heroics with a PUG. The organizer was another destruction lock, with similar if slightly-inferior gear. On Wow-Heroes, he has about a 90point deficit on score. So, why was he reliably doing better DPS than me in hCOS and hVH?

One major difference was in his spell cycle, but what else?

  • Spell cycle consisted of:

    1. started with COA and Corruption and sometimes Immolate. Felt like they were on there almost instantaneously.
    2. Shadowflame target
    3. Conflagerate
    4. Incinerate spam

  • No AOE except for Shadowfury.
  • Life tap glyph.
  • talented into Intensity and Backlash, while I went with the more raid friendly SL and ISL.

To respond, I am trying a few different things.

  1. Shadowflame target(s) when I start fight. This is an instant cast, when followed with Conflagrate, it can trigger Backdraft. Use the haste and no GCD to cast Immolate.
  2. Macro to cast Corruption and COA. This isn't working as nicely as hoped on boss fights as COA has a longer cool down than Corruption. Find myself having to watch closely when the two cd so that I don't clip the curse.
  3. Still on the fence about my Immolate glyph. Everything I've read, shows the difference between it and Glyph of Life Tap are fairly moot.
  4. IMHO, the crit bonus from Intensity may have been the largest dps gain, but being the #9 healer in a 25man VOA raid was quite funny. I don't think I'll spec out of these talents to gain the crit. I am considering respeccing to remove some pet damage as it is typically insignificant. Pet crit = yes, pet sp not so much.

I look forward to running more heroics with this lock. I'd love to see if these simple changes help.


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