Elkagorasa the Casual: So, Your Thinking of Leveling a DK Alt?

Monday, November 16, 2009

So, Your Thinking of Leveling a DK Alt?

This weekend I decided to restart playing my death knight. A few months ago, I had made it all the way through the starting area quests and successfully separated from Arthas control. At level 58, I did the Hallow's Eve trick or treating (DK + all flight old world flight paths = ftw) and got this toon to 59. When this was completed, I parked my dk in the Thrallmar inn.

When I started back up again this weekend, I found the Hellfire Peninsula a bit too easy. There definitely something nice about running a toon who can wear plate instead of squishy clothy gear. With that, I packed up my gear and mounted up for Zangamarsh.

Things I've forgotten playing an 80 Warlock:
  • Mithril Spurs and Riding Crop still work till 70.
  • If you can survive Shadowmoon valley, you can buy a flying mount at 60 (now).  OR get the DK mount for sale in your starting area for 100g. Oh yeah, I missed out on that.
  • Buy the BOA gear (PVE & PVP). At 40 Emblems each, for the chest and shoulders, you can get the plate with strength. Yes, I am running the leather chest, until I can get 3 more badges. Probably from my next heroic daily.
  • BOA weapons cannot be 'runed'. They are 'too low level'. The BOA sword is supposed to trigger a double-whack
  • DKs cannot carry daggers, even if BOA. Rogues can! (mailing dagger to alt).
  • Macros!
  • Your aggro radius is much larger when you are 1-2 levels below local mobs.
  • DK Pawn scales
  • Build options (Elitist Jerks - Build, glyphs)
  • Even without a pet, the DK can easily handle 2 npcs, with some creative button (Rune Tap + Vampiric Blood) mashing, I was able to handle 3 with a fourth running at me.

  • Watching DKs raid, I had always wondered what the AOE effect was that they started off with.
Last night I played about 2 hours using TourGuide, and got from 1 bubble in 61 to within 3 bubbles from 62. Unfortunately the next quest Tour Guide wants me to do is a level 62 quest. :|


  1. I've gotten 6 or 7 DK's from 55 to 58 and then either decide to play something else or that I don't like their name or appearance. Yeah, I'm totally shallow.

    Finally, a year later, I decided to make a DK and take them to 80 starting last week. I have tons and tons of badges across 3 80's so I bought the BoA plate chest and shoulders and then thought the 2h Axe looked nice. I was pretty dissapointed when I found out that I couldn't rune it because nowhere on the Runeforging menu does it mention needing an item level requirement.

    I filed a ticket and got my emblems back, but now I have 65 emblems of heroism with nothing to spend them on but gems >.>

    How are you liking it so far?


  2. Since 3.3 I haven't unfortunately played my DK at all. :( Having more fun playing the random dungeon and even pug raids. Guess I am not quite ready to play a melee class as I had hoped.



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