Shoulders upgrade

I told a guildie that I was only 10 badges from upgraded shoulders. Not part of my Tier-9 pieces, but still a very nice upgrade. Checking the vendors in Dalaran, I didn't see any Warlock Tier shoulders there. He pointed out, that I could purchase my T9 piece from the vendor at the Argent Tourney.

Now, which way do I go?

Wowhead comparison with i245 working towards, i232 (tier) and current

I have the Tier-9 gloves from VOA (and currently have the 30 Triumph badges), so the Gul'dan piece is tempting, plus the set bonus of pet crit increased is tempting.

Update: After reviewing the PAWN scales, I found that the Tier piece was actually rated higher for non-hit warlock dps, versus the non-tier piece. I plunked down the 30 Triumph tokens and spent a portion of last night getting them enchanted and gemmed (with a Runed Cardinal Ruby). Hodir, I need your rep please.


  1. I personally went with the non tier shoulders. I've decided that I will likely never get the 4 piece (iLevel 245) set so I've gone for the haste on the non-teir piece. I might be wrong for going that route... Don't know.

  2. Oh... I received the i245 legs from VOA and bought the i232 gloves. So I do have the pet bonus. I figured, my chances of getting the gloves and legs from VOA were greater than my chances of getting the trophies from 25 man. My availability sucks for guild (sister guild) runs.

  3. I liked the idea of going for the haste as it appears to be the destruction lock's next big stat. I am at or around hit capped, so tossing around haste or crit. Hmm, think I've linked the wrong shoulders above. The one's I was looking at had +hit and not +haste.

  4. The +hit are nice also. My GM has both and switches them out based on 10 or 25 man content.


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