RU an over achiever too?

I am not a full time warcraft player. Sometimes I can find a group to raid, run instances or even the regular group quest. Since my play schedule is so irregular though, it is not easy, outside the pug.

This leads me to running the achievement circuit. I currently only have 398/978 possible achievements.

One add-on that I've found invaluable lately is Overachiever. This addon integrates into a number of your regular screens to make achievement tracking easier.
  1. Focus on a mob, like a critter or rare NPC, and it will tell you if you need to love or kill it. (pest control, for all the squirrels, rare).
  2. Shields are displayed in your cooking interface to show which recipes you need to complete
  3. "and so much more... " (in TV sales ad voice).
I haven't had much luck, but I've also installed NPCScan. This add-on is supposed to popup an alert when one of the rare NPC's is within target range. Sort of like spamming a /tar macro, but it uses the character cache. So far, it says I have 2 characters cached, which means I flew over them, but probably while on a taxi, hence no notice.

Higher Learning is within my grasp. I am one book away from completion. The book at the top of the stairs of the Violet Citadel. Running Dalaran University was never very useful, as no one else seemed to be running it.

Off to fly over Northrend again and see if I can find one of those rare spawn NPCs.


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