Elkagorasa the Casual: Daily Grind

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Grind

With all my Brewfest achievements completed and I got my elek, it's back to the daily grind. One note, it's saddening to fly around with guildies now that have their violet proto drakes. The 30% speed increase over my regular-epic mount makes me feel so slow.. Even the druids in flight form fly faster. QQ

Argent Tourney dailes are more enjoyable now with my new video card. I can actually do the melee portion of the fights and win. I was able to successfully get exalted with Thunder Bluff last night. Picked up the 6 kodo mounts available in Mulgore. (39/50 mounts). 7 more available for Silvermoon, then potential for 11 more for through the Argent Champion dealers.

The Hodir dailies, while quick (Immolate + Conflagerate = 2 seconds to dead), are tiresome, but stil necessary (only revered). Guess I need to find a tabard, or maybe run more regular dungeon dailies.

Sort of looking forward to Halloween, so that I have a definite reason to logon. Last holiday till I get my own violet proto drake.


  1. Are you grouping up with people for the Hodir dailies? Makes things go by much faster. I found the same for the Tourney dailies. 5 more valiant seals and I'm DONE...

  2. Nah, didn't know you could group for the Hodir dailies. Never really thought about it.


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