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When not playing video games with his friends, my son asks me to play games with him all the time. Since we don't have 2 blizzard accounts, we've been playing other games. Our latest is the Roblox: Mining Simulator.

Roblox is a sandbox platform that you can use to build other games on top of. Roblox and the games are typically free but have many in-game purchasable items. Mining Simulator is a simple mining type game where you're objective is to get rich. Easy. You start off with a simple pickaxe and a small 10-slot backpack. There is a patch of dirt where you can mine down in 3D, there is a shop who sells equipment and a vendor who auto buys all ore in your bags. As you run back and forth between the mine and the auto-sell vendor, you will accumulate gold. Use the gold to buy a better tool and larger bags.


  • Hats - Hats range in quality (common -> rare -> legendary). When worn, they will give you perks that include mining speed, ore (resale) value, and mining power(?). You can wear 3 hats at a time. All my hats currently have ore value and mining speed perks. There are other perks but meh, why would one want to jump? 
  • Pets - Pets also range in quality. You can have one pet out at a time. I am currently running with a piece of toast, who gives similar perks to my hats (mining speed and ore value).
  • Explosives - using dynamite, nuke, c4 can clear a large area of ore. If you want to spend some money on this game, the nuke is an awesome purchase. For about $5 you get a permanent tool that sticks around between rebirths.
  • Teleporter - set a spawn point and you can re-appear here while leveling. Mine -> sell -> teleport -> repeat.
  • Rebirth - A rebirth resets all of your equipment back to start (low level pickaxe and 10-slot backpack) and wipes your account of remaining gold. Rebirths cost 10 million gold times the rebirth count. So your first rebirth will be 10million, then 20million, etc.. The advantage though is that your ore value increases by your rebirth #. I am up to rebirth 17 so my ore value is 1.7X the value at the start. 

Starting your career in mining simulator (MS)

  1. Grab the quest. The new questing system in MS will start you off with some basic quests. In some zones, these give some rather ridiculous rewards (100 rebirth tokens for example).
  2. Mine until you fill bags or complete the quest. My suggestion is to find a hole someone else started and drop to the bottom. Ore value is better the lower your drop, plus a higher likelihood of minerals. If the elite miner is running passed the gold ore, grab it. 
  3. Complete quests to get your first pet. Pets as I said give perks. (see codes below)
  4. Sell immediately upon filling bags. The game offers an instant teleport to the vendor upon filling your bags.
  5. Upgrade your bags faster than your tools. 
  6. Rebirth as soon as you hit the milestones. That 10g dirt will be so much more valuable as 11g or even 20g dirt. If you can wait to rebirth after a mine collapse and you've dug a deep starting whole. 
  7. Move to new zone asap. Even the dirt sells for more in candy land than in the starting zone. The zones are gated by your number of rebirths. 


  • Codes - There are a number of codes that you can enter that will grant you in-game perks. Most notably gold, pets, and hats. Yes, you don't 'really' have to start out with that 10-slot backpack when you can get codes for 50,000 gold. You also don't have to start with a 'common' pet or bland hat, when you can equip an awesome legendary pet or 3 nicer hats! I search out this wiki page each time for a complete (and moderated) list. Noting that the bolded entries require you to have played the game for 5 days. 
  • RBux items, rebirth items - these items are permanent. If you purchase the nuke for RBux or the scythe purchased with rebirth-tokens, you keep these items after a rebirth. My favorite thing is to fall into the deepest pit, then throw my nuke into dense ore locations. Then I auto-sell and repeat until I have about 5000gold, then buy a bigger backpack, then again at 50,000, 1million and so on. 
  • Stock up on cosmetics - One of the other items that stick around after a rebirth are pet and hat crates. Right before a rebirth, I've been going to the store, buying up cosmetic items until I am just above my rebirth cost. I now have 600 'omega hat crates' and almost the same number of pets. Hats are awesome (visual effects, perks) but they are both slow to open and completely RNG. There's like a 3% chance of getting an awesome (legendary?) hat out of an omega hat crate. After opening up 100 crates, I've managed to get 3 decent hats to wear. :-|  My son's advice, buy eggs before rebirth, then sell them all after rebirth. Instant gold in your hand. 

The first 1 billion gold.

  1. Equip 3 hats, equip ore-value pet. (see codes above)
  2. Find someone who's dug a deep-deep tunnel, mine ore. Ore = 1 bag slot per block, sand/dirt = hundreds of bag slots. Yes, the pickaxe is slow, but still effective with most ore. 
  3. When your bag is full, use the "SELL" option to portal back up to the vendor. 
  4. Run back to the same deep tunnel and repeat until you have about 58,000 gold. Purchase the Military Pack for 57,750 netting 300 bag slots. 
  5. Use the pickaxe until you've purchased the 1.2 million "medium canister" (4000 slots). Now purchase the best tool the money can buy. 
  6. Don't purchase too many upgrades because, at 10 million, I suggest doing a rebirth. This will cause you to lose all your gold, bags and tools you've purchased. 
    1. purchase cosmetic upgrades, especially eggs with your extra gold
    2. do rebirth after mine collapse and you've dug your own deep tunnel
    3. sell as many eggs to jumpstart your next rebirth with a new bag.

Sporting my 3 sets of wings.

Don't forget:

  • Level/Evolve your pet - If you get a pet you like, find out what they need to evolve. This (so far I've only reached 5 of 10), involves collecting ## ore. Most ore is found around the 100-150 block level. Upgraded pets provided increased rewards. 
  • R$ and Rebirth token purchases are permanent. As you can see, I have the nuke and the teleporter. 
    • The nuke has a much longer range than the pickaxe so I'll mine all the ore in reach, then just start tossing out the nuke in high-density ore areas. 
    • The teleporter is great for shortening that sell/mine loop. Mine down until bags full, place teleporter, sell, teleport back and click 'move' to remove it. 
  • "To Surface" - Almost as useful as the teleporter as it will put you 10 steps outside the mine. Sell -> to surface -> find hole. "To Surface" also places you right next to the quest giver in the zone. Use it when you've completed a quest for quick rewards. 


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