Elkagorasa the Casual: Post 7.3.5 Revisiting My Warlock Talents

Monday, February 26, 2018

Post 7.3.5 Revisiting My Warlock Talents

While playing with my friends has me spending more of my time on my Alliance toons, I still try to find time to play and level up Elkagorasa. Last night, I found a PUG that was running a +6 Eye of Azshara. The group leader, FindMuck is another warlock and consistently did quite a bit better damage than me. Reviewing his armory page, I found that he's both 20 ilevel lower than me and isn't gemmed or enchanted at all. Top it off, he only has a single legendary item equipped and no tier gear set bonuses. On the charts, I should have been out doing his DPS by a 100k+.

realized class hall chest has tattoos.
going red with fancy hat.

So.. What is the difference?? I know my rotation was clunky.

  1. Agony
  2. Corruption
  3. Siphon Life
  4. Unstable Affliction
  5. Haunt
  6. Drain Soul
Once I applied all my dots, I bounced around between DS and whatever was about to drop off. Usually dots 1,2,3 would all fall off about the same time. UA would drop a few seconds before or after. 

After the mythic+, we ran a few wings of the Antorus LFR together. During this, I set him as my /focus so I could watch what spells he was casting. One thing I immediately noticed was that he wasn't ever casting haunt (i.e. it's has a 1+ second cast time). I couldn't see any of his instant cast, but I could see a constant bounce between UA <=> DS. This led me to talents. Of course.  Reviewing the damage meters, I did see that he is casting the agony, corruption, plus some proc's. 

What I did find is Findmuck is/was running a much simpler talent build. No Haunt, no Siphon Life, and 'permanent corruption'. This would definitely explain his 3-button rotation. Agony -> Unstable Affliction -> Drain Soul, with Corruption and Phantom Singularity on cool down.

As it was LFR, and we just wiped on Imonar, I ported out (teleport out of dungeon), changed my spec's and repaired my gear, then popped back in. With that, my DPS charts went from 15-16 up to somewhere around 7-8. More practice with this simplified rotation. Maybe more moves of the buttons so they are in a better cast order.  Thinking...

The Phantom Singularity buff has a 16 second cool down, so likely only cast once per short trash fight, or maybe a couple times during a boss fight.  Instead of macroing it to apply with something else, I think I'll just squeeze it into my rotation like:

That's my plan. I'll check out my progress later this week to see if this helps. 

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