Topic 24 - Class Fantasy Yay or Nay

Post about class fantasy with some fantasy conversation between my pally and my warlock.

Warlock: I hate my class hall. I hate my class mount.

Demons stink and they don't bathe.

I have to go into the sewers to get to my class hall and all it is space on the demon hunter starting zone. Demon Hunters!?! who took my demon form in return for empowered demon minions.

Paladin: I was just born about a year ago now, so I am new to this, but you're a warlock. You have a demon as a pet following you around all the time. I'd think you would be used to it by now. 

Your class mount is almost identical to that fel-horsey you rode around Dalaran for months. Now you are saying you don't like it?  

Like you have it hard. Your class hall is a shiny golden palace. Your mount comes in three colors and you can change it based on your outfit.

Top it off, you got help the priest class hall and stole away one of their followers. You have a giant space alien dancing around in your hall. How awesome is that!? Imp mother would love to come over and hang out with Lothraxion.

Like you, my mount is similar to my class mount from Vanilla. 

Also, remember my class hall is in the basement of the Lights Hope Chapel in Plaguelands.. PLAGUE LANDS. You can't go anywhere without smelling that stench because some idiot left the hatch open. Every time we get a new paladin, he comes through that door, and lets in more stench.

Gotta love the undead.. Ok, we both agree that your class hall is awesome, but ours both (physically) stink.

But, as a warlock, you'd think that I should be able to pick a different demon minion. Nope. Hundreds of demons wandering all over the place, and not a single one here to enslave. They DON'T EVEN PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES! I've had to get my shoes cleaned every time I visit. That goblin in Dalaran charges warlocks 10x for shoe cleaning.

Shoes? SHOES!? At least you don't sound like a horse, wearing horse shoes running down the cobble streets of Dalaran. clip-clop-clip-clop My mount and I sound identical running around town. I have on METAL BOOTS! They have absolutely no grip. They are impossible to wash as they rust. Top it off, my left boot probably weights around the same as your entire wardrobe. 

You don't even want to know what it's like to use the restroom...

Ok, TMI.

It has been fun (despite my early accident), helping rebuild the Dal alchemy lab. Having to go all around Broken Isles to replace his equipment has been a learning experience. Never would have realized how hard that undead worked to prepare these new potions.

How has blacksmithing been?

mmm. Not so much. They've taught me how to make various armor pieces and put them together. I end up running around the store to put something together and then it's only a basic understanding. I have to travel out to High Mountain to use a specific firmament stone to make only a single type of metal bar, but I can make all the rest of the armor at any anvil. Frustrating.. After ALL THAT? I never even wore any of the gear and it won't sell on the auction house.

So what's up with that weapon? It looks like a giant hammer. I would have thought a Protection Paladin would use something damaging, a blade weapon?

I have really enjoyed acquiring my staff. I really had to use all my warlock abilities to get it. Even used my portal to get over a room full of tentacles. Most frustrating part, some darn priest came along, then abandoned me when things got tough at end.

Oh the hammer? Ever heard of bunny foo-foo? You can be the field mouse.

To get this weapon, (which is secretly my sword and shield), I did the same quest chain as you've started. It has the same requirements, nothing special at all.

I don't know about you, but I feel a bit underwhelmed by all this. 

You mean like Blizzcon 2015 - In your class hall you'll be the leader of all warlocks? 

How you'll need to work together for a common good? 

I haven't seen any of this. I see Alliance warlocks running around MY class hall and they don't help out at all. They just get in the way at the order board.

Agreed. Agreed. 

I'd love to have quests for only fellow paladins where we actually do work together. The class champions sure get to do this a lot, but how about paladin class hall (horde and alliance) vs Gul'dan? 

We're all the same class, why not work together?

No shared class accomplishments.

No decorations or improvements to class hall as we progress.

The 'class' hall is really just a class-decorated garrison, isn't it?

I am still waiting for the demons to test their bounds and try breaking free from MY influence.... any day now.

Hunter: Whiners. Pets don't stink?? There are hunters here running around with 2 abominations, now that's rancid. At least the hunting lodge is open and airy out. Not some basement.

Despite that, the hunting lodge is awesome. Having Hemet Nesingwary as a follower, is awesome. I've always looked up to him (literally, he's about an inch taller). 

The hunter BM quest requires meeting up with Brann and traveling to Northrend. I helped Thorim defeat an evil, then tamed and kept his pet, Hati. 

Best of all, I get to my class hall riding on an eagle! Not some portal. For class fantasy, it has been great. It is a bit odd, working with so many tauren, after killing so many in Ashran last year. 


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