PVP: Shadow-Pan Showdown

I love the Blizzard has been changing up PVP this expansion. I find these crazy brawls rather appealing to play and participate in. They make me want to do more PVP (not world) aspects of the game.

Ref: Shadow-Pan Showdown

Shadow-PanShowdown is a PVE players dream. You queue up as a 5 man dungeon team: tank, healer and 3 DPS. When the BG starts, you are faced against a similar 5-man party and race to the center. You will randomly be assigned to purple or gold team. 

In the center of the dance floor are two bosses surrounded by a giant disco ring. The team with the most players at center, will enable their attackable boss. Winner is the team that takes down their boss first. 

The bosses have 3 basic abilities. 
  1. Smash - knocks back attackable team to the wall of the arena if caught in it. Avoid ground with 'dust flying'
  2. AOE damage - circles appear on ground, avoid. One boss it's fire, one boss it's electricity.
  3. Healing - interrupt whenever possible. 
There's one last element to this brawl. The buff. Regularly a giant treasure chest will appear on one of two platforms. The team that opens the chest will get a temporary +dps buff. 

So, if you play PVE this is fun because it's like a standard dungeon. The boss has basic mechanics that you need to avoid while s/he runs around trying to take you down. Then there all these adds that are always flying around you trying kill you, interrupt you or cc you out of the circle. 

If you enjoy PVP, you should enjoying killing the opposing team players getting them out of the disco ring and controlling the center. The extremely random aspect of pvp is here for sure, watch the video from CyberMike below.. 

I've had decent luck playing this brawl. I try to give 2 bits of advice while waiting in the lobby:
  • Fight in the middle to keep control. (see drawn in ring on WoWhead image above)
  • Grab the chest whenever possible. (platforms to east and west of ring drawn in)
Tank: Keep boss on center platform as much as possible. Run back if you get knocked out of center. This will provide a good portion of your control. Interrupt the boss' heal.

Healer: Do your Magic, you're doing awesome. Interrupt if possible the boss' heal.

DPS: Focus boss when yours is active. Work on killing or cc'ing the opposing team when their boss is active for them.

Commentary: Not fighting in middle, they keep boss swapping with a single person in the center ring. You can watch the bar in the top corner swing back and forth.
Info on right side of screen

Their boss is not active at moment, as the boss bar is grey, when it swaps, it will turn red - hostile.

The top center, is the boss health. You can see that gold team, has gotten the purple boss down lower in health. I've never seen it reach the time limit in the 10 or so I tried.

Info on top center of screen


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