The Adventures of Teddi the Pandaren p2

Teddi continues his adventures in Azeroth, trying to reach 100 before Legion drops.

Last night was the first time in about a week that Teddi ventured out of Orgrimmar. His compatriots have logged in to repost auction items and spin the garrison gold wheel. Looking at a little over 30k gold just doing this weekly. It's nice to finally be fluid in the game again. Tempted to have a guildie build me the mechano-hog, but then again..

Teddi has reached 83 now (oddly armory hasn't caught up from last night's game play). Found a tank and healer that kept queueing up for random dungeons; we ended up doing about 6 dungeons. At 81, I was prompted by a fellow DPS for the 'monk buff'. ?? I hadn't realized that it was a thing, even a thing that I could do. I had always assumed the monk buff (bong bong) was a Brewmaster thing.

Teddi (Armory) at level 80
Looking at existing armory, I realized that 1) I need to upgrade the heirloom agility ring. It's currently 0/2, so it's max character level 60. Sigh. Why didn't it drop at max level?? And 2) all my other heirloom gear (except necklace) is 1/2 meaning it's max level 90. I was really surprised to see more and more players without any heirloom gear. 3/5 dungeon crawlers last night ran in drops. Considered not even rolling greed on non-agility leather drops just so they could win the gear. Is this because they are going for the slower leveling experience? Or because they had to (no level 1/2 heirloom gear)? Sigh, if I upgrade the gear, I am going to need to re-ENCHANT?! Ugh. Thinking of that, I am glad I didn't apply the leg and shoulder enchants to his gear.

1 x 60-  90 armor heirloom casing      1000g     (ring)
7 x 90-100 armor heirloom casing    14000g     (ring, trinket, head, shoulder, chest, back, legs)
1 x 90-100 weapon casing                   5000g     (weapon)
Grand Total:                                    20000g

So, how badly do I want the mechano hog? Or at 90 should I start crafting items and/or picking up drops?? 90 to 100 can still be fast when using something like the elixir of accelerated learning, combined with DMF and fewer upgrades.

Leatherworking and skinning - I am finding it odd what I can and cannot skin. Violet Hold, everything that spawns from the portals. Where as the wolves in Utgarde Pinnacle, I couldn't. Maybe I just failed at the loot rolls all the time?? Maybe I am not remembering correctly. It definitely appears that skill is no longer an issue, I get scraps all the time. (Considering my skill is technically only at 75, aka some starting zone). As for leatherworking, I am not worried about leveling as the garrison will give me plenty of options.

So, I think my plan will be simple (and cheap). Play with my current heirloom gear until something better drops after level 90. If I'm not lucky, I'll start spending the gold to upgrade the remaining items. The neck and tentacle trinket are good to 100. Craft my 3 items when I have the mats. I'd like these to be the +5% xp items (i.e. back, ring) but probably won't be that lucky. More likely, I'll end up replacing my chest, legs or head with crafted items. :)

Speaking of making it to 90, I've been looking at questing zones. "when do scenarios come back?" and I found this tidbit "The Situation in Dalaran!" This looks like it was a quest that I never picked up while working on Dominance Offensive event in Pandaria. I really wonder how I missed this quest?
Blizzard revealed that they wanted Dalaran to take part in the Siege of Orgrimmar; however, this couldn't be handled due to game engine problems. Instead the Skyfire was placed up in the air in front of the gates of Orgrimmar.
(Sends warlock to Pandaria to investigate).


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